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  1. Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    Fun fact:  When Los Angeles was founded in 1781, it was called ‘El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de la Porciuncula’, which translated to ‘Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angeles of the Small Portion’. At that time, there were only 44 people or 14 families living there. The population grew and the name shrank to ‘Los Angeles’. Learn More

  2. Siamese Cats

    Siamese Cats

    The Siamese cat breed is one of the oldest recognized breeds of cats. These cats are sneaky, troublesome and make messes for their own amusement. Learn More

  3. Vintage Motorbike

    Vintage Motorbike

    Classic Motorcycles have become an important aspect of 20th-century life. Classic and vintage motorcycles are highly collectible. Harley-Davidson, Ducati, BMW, Triumph, Honda and more. Perfect decal for a room or a living room. Learn More

  4. Don't Worry Be Happy

    Don't Worry Be Happy

    Life is short, one of the best quote to cheer you up would be: don' t worry, be happy! Learn More

  5. Giraffe


    The tallest land animal on earth will be easy to spot in your living room Learn More

  6. Cat with Butterfly

    Cat with Butterfly

    A kitten looking for someone to play got lucky... "They're so pretty but so hard to catch" Learn More

  7. Pool Ball

    Pool Ball

    If the 8 ball falls into any pocket other than the one designated, this results in loss of game. To avoid this, just stick it to your wall in your room, on your fridge, in your bathroom, your doors.. Learn More

  8. Pegasus


    Best known as mythological creatures by the Greeks. Symbol of glory, knowledge, inspiration, power and mobility. Learn More

  9. Cat and Ball

    Cat and Ball

    Do you want to keep your cat busy ? Just throw a ball of wool on your cat and he will play and go crazy with it.. Learn More