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Stunning set of sexy women silhouettes. All possible kinds of poses: standing, sitting, laying and more.


  1. Amber


    Is Amber tanning? Well whatever she's doing, she seems to enjoy it. Don' t you want your own version of Amber on your wall or on the lid of your laptop? Learn More

  2. Bambi


    Reese is posing for the camera. She's a professional and can stay like that for days. Put her on any surface, people will sure talk about her. Learn More

  3. Barbie


    Barbie seems to be posing at the beach. She will for sure invite the sun wherever she is! Learn More

  4. Belle


    Belle is pretty and she knows it. She's the type of girl that men like and other girls hate. Put her on your surface and listen people talking about her. Learn More

  5. Bubbles


    Bubbles is looking straight. Is she just posing or is she thinking about something? You should maybe ask her. Learn More

  6. Candi


    Girls have hard time walking in high heels causing back problems. Is Candi ok or is she just trying get attention?  Learn More

  7. Cherry


    Cherry is adopting a sexy pose. Are you falling for her? Learn More

  8. Cinnamon


    Cinnamon is a cute girl and might be single. Look, she's posing for you! Go talk to her, she's waiting. Learn More

  9. Diamond


    Diamond likes the movie "Basic Instinc" and you can tell by her pose. That's a great piece of art right there! Learn More