List of products by manufacturer HMD


  1. Amber


    Is Amber tanning? Well whatever she's doing, she seems to enjoy it. Don' t you want your own version of Amber on your wall or on the lid of your laptop? Learn More

  2. Lovers 2

    Lovers 2

    Fun Fact about love: Scientists suggest that most people will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage Learn More

  3. Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    Fun fact:  When Los Angeles was founded in 1781, it was called ‘El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de la Porciuncula’, which translated to ‘Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angeles of the Small Portion’. At that time, there were only 44 people or 14 families living there. The population grew and the name shrank to ‘Los Angeles’. Learn More

  4. Berg - PS4 Light bar

    Berg - PS4 Light bar

    Hey Gamers!Do you need to customize your Dualshock 4 light bar? Stickurz has something for you! Yup stickers that cover the light bar! And guess what? It comes in a set 3! Learn More

  5. Lovers 14

    Lovers 14

    Fun fact about love: If you have already celebrated 21 years, most likely you have already met the man who you will marry.  Learn More

  6. Lovers 13

    Lovers 13

    Fun fact about love: Popular song for the first dance of the couple at their wedding is ‘Everything I do’ by Bryan Adams.  Learn More

  7. Lovers 12

    Lovers 12

    Fun fact about love: For example, red roses indicate passion and true love. Light pink suggests desire, passion, and energy; dark pink suggests gratitude. Yellow roses can mean friendship or jealousy. A lavender or thornless rose can mean love at first sight. White roses mean virtue or devotion. Some roses even combine colors to created more complicated... Learn More

  8. Belly Dancer 2

    Belly Dancer 2

    Fact about belly dancing: Improves posture and muscle toning Learn More

  9. Belly Dancer 1

    Belly Dancer 1

    Fact about belly dancing: Prepares for childbirth Learn More