List of products by manufacturer Fab400ml

Fab is a french designer



  1. Hearts Rain

    Hearts Rain

    No no no... no need for an umbrella, it's raining Love. Learn More

  2. Kid and Balloons

    Kid and Balloons

    Make your kids' fantasies come true with this balloons watcher. This wall decal provides a fun and assuring environment for kids by making them feel safe around images of their size. Learn More

  3. Siamese Cats

    Siamese Cats

    The Siamese cat breed is one of the oldest recognized breeds of cats. These cats are sneaky, troublesome and make messes for their own amusement. Learn More

  4. Austin Mini

    Austin Mini

    Revolutionary design for its time and very small , the Mini Austin have become a legendary car to this day. A perfect Posh yet vintage wall decal for any room of you home or office. Learn More

  5. Vintage Motorbike

    Vintage Motorbike

    Classic Motorcycles have become an important aspect of 20th-century life. Classic and vintage motorcycles are highly collectible. Harley-Davidson, Ducati, BMW, Triumph, Honda and more. Perfect decal for a room or a living room. Learn More

  6. Scooter Vespa 1

    Scooter Vespa 1

    It's the Italian legendary scooter since 1946 designed and manufactured by Piaggio. Learn More

  7. Palm Trees

    Palm Trees

    Need a coast ambiance in your living room? Turn your place into a tipical beach of Florida. Learn More

  8. Ski Freestyle

    Ski Freestyle

    Freeskiing is an olympic discipline which shares characteristics with street skateboarding, bmx, and inline skating. Learn More

  9. Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower

    Travel to Paris (France) without leaving the confort of your own home with The Eiffel Tower vinyl wall sticker. Perfect for a bedroom, a living room or an office, this wall vinyl sticker is sure to be a big attraction! Learn More