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Fan of dogs or little kittens ... check out our cute selection of pets wall stickers.


  1. Horse Rearing

    Horse Rearing

    Rearing is a dangerous defense. It's a manifestation of pain, rebellion or evasion. It's also a beautiful thing to see. Learn More

  2. Cat with Butterfly

    Cat with Butterfly

    A kitten looking for someone to play got lucky... "They're so pretty but so hard to catch" Learn More

  3. Cat and Ball

    Cat and Ball

    Do you want to keep your cat busy ? Just throw a ball of wool on your cat and he will play and go crazy with it.. Learn More

  4. DJ Monkey

    DJ Monkey

    A DJ monkey... interesting...  Learn More

  5. Love Birds

    Love Birds

    Cute birds in cage... at least you don' t need to feed them Learn More

  6. Menagerie 2

    Menagerie 2

    An amazing animal pyramid! An elephant,  a camel... Learn More

  7. Menagerie 1

    Menagerie 1

    An amazing animal pyramid! An horse, a sheep... Learn More

  8. Cats Perching

    Cats Perching

    If you love cats but can't afford to have a real one...this wall decal is perfect for you! Learn More

  9. Horse Head

    Horse Head

    Mythology symbol used as a talisman against evil creatures. Put it in your space to get rid of bad spirits. Learn More