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You can't express love without words. So communicate your feeling with one of our beautiful love wall decals.


  1. Love Cursive

    Love Cursive

    Show your love with a big "L"... no need to wait for valentine' s day! Learn More

  2. Love Square

    Love Square

    L.O.V.E, what else do we need?  Learn More

  3. Apple of Love

    Apple of Love

    A big apple of love...  bit on it! Learn More

  4. I Love You

    I Love You

    Tell her/him how much you love her/him without buying flowers or chocolates: Be more creative and original by engraving it to the wall so he/she sees it everyday. Learn More

  5. Heart Writing

    Heart Writing

    Heart, sweet, romantic, hot, kiss, baby, lips, valentine: what is the common denominator? LOVE. Show some love to your interior with this modern and posh Heart decal. Learn More