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 Jazz up your empty spaces with those pieces of art on your wall. Elegant home decoration in many colors,...

 Jazz up your empty spaces with those pieces of art on your wall. Elegant home decoration in many colors, many styles. 



  1. Siamese Cats

    Siamese Cats

    The Siamese cat breed is one of the oldest recognized breeds of cats. These cats are sneaky, troublesome and make messes for their own amusement. Learn More

  2. Don't Worry Be Happy

    Don't Worry Be Happy

    Life is short, one of the best quote to cheer you up would be: don' t worry, be happy! Learn More

  3. Love Cursive

    Love Cursive

    Show your love with a big "L"... no need to wait for valentine' s day! Learn More

  4. Stars


    Stars on the walls are great ideas and they work with so many bedroom themes.Historically, constellations were groupings of stars that were thought to outline the shape of something with a mythological significance.This is a wall decal made of bright stars that will bring calm and peace to your room. Learn More

  5. Pool Ball

    Pool Ball

    If the 8 ball falls into any pocket other than the one designated, this results in loss of game. To avoid this, just stick it to your wall in your room, on your fridge, in your bathroom, your doors.. Learn More

  6. Love Square

    Love Square

    L.O.V.E, what else do we need?  Learn More

  7. Design Flowers 5

    Design Flowers 5

    This wall decal will add a unique and affordable do-it-yourself design impact to any space. Learn More

  8. Digital Alphabet

    Digital Alphabet

    Learning the alphabet is fun. Singing the alphabet song help us remember our early life. Our Kids still learn the alphabet and the letter "A" still stands for "Apple". Learn More

  9. Sneakers


    The fashion trends from the 80's are back in full force. Hang a pair of High-top sneakers on your fridge or you wall for a retro design effect guaranteed. Learn More