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Everything Else

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Here you can find everything else: Any wall stickers, colors and sizes. For a 5 yo kid to a 15 yo teenager.


  1. Multiple Eyed Monster

    Multiple Eyed Monster

    With all his eyes, this monster can' t miss you Learn More

  2. Happy Robot

    Happy Robot

    This robot looks so happy! But why?... new hard drive? new wheels? who knows... Learn More

  3. Hairy Monster

    Hairy Monster

    This hairy monster looks confused Learn More

  4. Stilt Walker
  5. Mr Cloud

    Mr Cloud

    Mr Cloud is more than a cloud, let your little one find out Learn More

  6. Happy Stuff

    Happy Stuff

    We don' t know this is, but that's stuff is happy for sure  Learn More

  7. Big Eyes Monster 2

    Big Eyes Monster 2

    Another monster with big eyes Learn More

  8. Walking Moustache

    Walking Moustache

    some piece of facial hair on legs... interesting don' t you think so?  Learn More

  9. Sleepy Monster

    Sleepy Monster

    This monster has been scarying people all day long but now he's tired... we do feel sad for it!  Learn More