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Everything Else

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Here you can find everything else: Any wall stickers, colors and sizes. For a 5 yo kid to a 15 yo teenager.


  1. Lighting Storm

    Lighting Storm

    Don' t hide under a tree... Learn More

  2. Forest


    Add a little of nature to your little one's room Learn More

  3. Arrow Design 2

    Arrow Design 2

    Arrows are made to point to something Learn More

  4. Arrow Design

    Arrow Design

    Someone has long legs! Learn More

  5. Splash Design

    Splash Design

    A splash on your wall, what about that? Learn More

  6. Burning Star

    Burning Star

    Take your time to make a wish because these stars won' t go so fast Learn More

  7. Splash Ink

    Splash Ink

    What about having a splash of ink on your wall? Learn More

  8. Boo


    What is more scary than a ghost saying "Boo !" ? Learn More

  9. Badzilla


    Scary Badzilla sticker for your halloween setup Learn More